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We respect the privacy of our website’s users. This notice is intended to inform users of our practices regarding information collection, 安全, 第三方和其他相关主题. This notice applies only to this website.

Our practices are in keeping with industry standards. We take issues of privacy and 安全 seriously. We also caution users that all online correspondence should be done with caution, as these forms of communication are to some degree inherently unsecure. When corresponding with our team through  email or any other form of online communication, do not disclose sensitive or confidential information.

虽然没有网站, 包括我们自己, can guarantee the absolute 安全 and privacy of user information, we strive to ensure that any information we collect will be protected and kept private.


The information we collect from users will not be sold or traded with untrusted third parties. We are the sole owners of the information we collect. While we use Internet protocol (IP) addresses from your device 帮助 customize our services and optimize our website, we do not automatically gather personally identifiable information. Your IP address is collected for the improvement and optimization of our website and does not include your name or other specific personally identifiable information.

The information you submit to us voluntarily through bet9九州体育登录线路 forms, emails or any other form of correspondence through this website will be kept private to best of our abilities. Though some general information might be requested for these interactions, 比如你的电子邮件地址, name, 电话号码及所在州, 我们不会要求, 你也不应该屈服, 敏感信息, 比如你的社会安全号码, 出生日期, driver’s license number or financial information.

The only instances in which we will share personal information submitted to our website would involve official governmental requests or situations involving site policy enforcement, compliance with the law or the safety and 安全 of others.


Any information we collect or receive from users is stored in a secure database. Our site takes measures to ensure the information we collect isn’t misused, altered or lost. No database or information is completely secure or impenetrable, so users must proceed with the use of the site and submission of information at their own risk. We use encryption methods to keep communication between 我们公司 and our users private and secure. We will continue to prioritize the strength and 安全 of all the information we collect.


Cookies are small bits of data placed on your hard drive that enable us to identify repeat visitors and improve user engagement. Cookies can also track users’ interests 帮助 us cater our content and site usability to enhance your experience. The use of cookies is a standard practice on many websites. 然而, if you wish to disable cookies at any time, you can do so by changing the settings in your browser.


We reserve the right to disclose information obtained through this site to third-party contractors and standard services to ensure the quality of our site and enhance user experience. This information is disclosed anonymously and used primarily for tracking and analytical purposes. You can opt out of cookies by customizing your browser at any time. We use third parties only to customize and improve our online services, and we do not sell or trade sensitive or personal information with untrusted third parties.


This site contains links to other websites. Our firm has no control over the privacy policies of these websites. Any site you visit by clicking on a link will have its own set of privacy policies that dictate how your information will be used, 存储和共享. 因此, we suggest you review those websites’ policies if you are concerned about how your information will be used and shared.

Opting Out of Correspondence from Our Firm

If you provide us with bet9九州体育登录线路 information, we might use that information to bet9九州体育登录线路 you with news about 我们公司 or content we believe you will find useful. 然而, you can opt out of correspondence with us at any time by bet9九州体育登录线路ing 我们公司.

If you have any questions about our website’s privacy policy that are not addressed on this page, we encourage you to bet9九州体育登录线路 us to learn more. We make the 安全 of our site and the privacy of our visitors a top priority, and we will continue to maintain 安全 measures and implement updates to make sure your privacy is protected.



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