Best Kitchen Cabinets Ideas For Home Decor

Country Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Planning a kitchen is hard work. It is a space that needs to include plenty of storage for a variety of items and stuff and that means you should carefully consider every aspect of every little piece of the kitchen before taking a step back to admire the whole picture. The kitchen cabinets are the most important part. In this case, there is more variety than you might think.

Vintage accents

Vintage kitchen cabinets

Another interesting thing about this kitchen is the chosen style for furniture. Closet, for example, has the elegant metallic trim and details in combination with other small aspects contribute to a unique look.


Custom kitchen cabinets

The great thing about a custom kitchen cabinets is that they can be adapted perfectly to the needs of users and that means that the equipment can be built into the furniture and do not need to be in a standard height or in the usual places.

Hanging herb garden

Hanging herb garden

Sometimes the things that make a special decor is a little detail that was added after all the furniture in place. One example can be set depending planters that provide a lovely vegetable garden.

White cabinets

White kitchen cabinets

Of course, we can think of some important disadvantages associated with the white kitchen cabinets but at the same time we can find a lot of advantages as well. For example, white is the color that suits small spaces and which allows the space to look and feel airy and spacious.

Frosted glass front cabinets

Upper kitchen cabinets

It is usually above the kitchen cabinets featuring a glass front. That’s usually where the glasses, cups, spices and other things stored temporarily pots, pans, and other great things in the closet downstairs.

Built-in wine rack

Built-in wine racks - Kitchen Cabinets

This is clearly impractical to have everything you need right there without having to open and close the door or leave the room to pick it up. A wine rack can be something that some may wish to have in the kitchen and in the case of built-in shelf may be the perfect idea.

Hidden equipment

Simple oak kitchen cabinets

If you want your kitchen to have a look that is very cohesive and simple, then large appliances such as a refrigerator or dishwasher could interfere with it. You may want to consider in this case to hide the equipment in the back panel of the cabinet appropriate.

Bright focal point

Kitchen pendant lamps

In the kitchen has cabinets and furniture that looks simple does not really stand out, it could be a good idea to turn the light to a focal point. A pair of oversized chandelier hanging over the island will work fine.

Storage backsplash

Kitchen backsplash ideas with storage

There is no point occupy counter space with things like knife racks, spice bottle and kitchen utensils when you can have all these things are stored in the backsplash, you can hang the rod or hook for it.

Colorful shelves

Kitchen shelves with blue color

Green, yellow and orange rack and detail accents that are suitable for this kitchen is decorated with black and white using the combo immortal. It’s very beautiful way in which the accent is grouped and combined.

Custom shelves

Custom kitchen shelves

In order to make the most of your kitchen, the best option is usually to have custom-made furniture. Similarly, you can add custom details after the cabinets are in place. For example, you can add a few shelves for backsplash or have some storage racks are added to the bottom of the closet.

Front glass

Kitchen cabinets with glass fronts

The kitchen cabinets with glass front allows you to see inside and to easily identify the items you need without opening the door. This design feature is useful in some cases, though sometimes it’s best to just hide everything behind a solid door.

Mixed materials and colors

Kitchen cabinets colors

There’s really no point in limiting yourself to one color or a single ingredient when you know in your heart that you want to see more of it in your kitchen. Mix and match colors and materials however you want.

Black design

Black kitchen cabinets ideas

Black kitchen cabinets are both very practical and elegant. They look fine and they also hide stains very well. You can use the black cabinet in combination with gray desk with shelves or white. A splash of color can also look beautiful.

Vertical nooks

Vertical Cabinet Door

angle vertical storage can be really practical and functional. They can include many features such as a wine rack, display rack and compartment for small appliances or drawer.

Flow and trims

Elegant kitchen cabinets

Flow cabinet field as these guys are usually a sign of a more traditional decor. They give a smooth appearance and elegant furnishings but their simplicity of the kitchen the most modern and more contemporary.

Special finishes and textured

Minimalist kitchen cabinets

An attractive design strategy for the minimalist kitchen cabinets for their simplicity and lack of decoration with finishes or colors that stand out.


Two-toned kitchen cabinets

Two-toned kitchen cabinets and furniture in general is a good choice for modern and contemporary interiors. Even if the design is very simple and even harsh, contrasting colors do not let looks monotonous.

Tiered design

Vintage style kitchen cabinets

To maximize storage in the kitchen one option is to have a set of cabinets at the same height as the range hood followed by a set of storage compartments above them. You can put things that are rarely used at the top. If you want you can add a third set of modules which cover most backsplash. It can have a glass front or they can open shelves.

No hardware

Grey kitchen cabinets

The lack of hardware involved (drawer pulls, door knobs, kitchen cabinets handles) contributes to a simple display. This option is preferred in the kitchen which is aimed mostly at look bright, open and smooth.

Metallic trim

Metallic kitchen cabinets

You know those kitchen cabinets with elegant trim on their fields? They look quite luxurious but if that becomes a metal trim the style will be very different. the kitchen will be a bit more industrial.

Overhead storage

Kitchen with industrial look

You can save some space in the kitchen to store large pots and pans on a rack hanging from the ceiling above your cooking station. This way you will have more space in the closet for everything else.

Wrap-around counter

U shaped kitchen

Has a table that wraps around you to form either L or U-shape can be very practical when prepping and cooking. No need to move around the kitchen because it’s all there.

Honeycomb shelves

Honeycomb shelves

If you like the openness and you also want to add a dramatic feature for your kitchen, consider some open shelves with an unusual pattern or shape. these people, for example, form a honeycomb-like structure where each compartment has a unique size and shape.

Kitchen island extension

Kitchen island traditional looks

If you are serious about your cooking then you know that you need a different table heights for different activities. The island is good for certain things but it would be useful to also have a section of counter-height lower. Consider the extension of the island.

Dark tone

Brown kitchen cabinets

dark colors make a room look smaller and sometimes bleak. That is a secret. However, it does not always happen. A palette of dark colors can be matched to the kitchen for there is plenty of natural light to offset the effects.

Glass shelves

Glass shelves for kitchen

The glass shelves are shown here gives this kitchen cabinet looks very light and open and they contribute to the overall feel more spacious. Consider this design choice if you have a small kitchen.

Stainless steel accents

Stainless steel kitchen

stainless steel is very practical in the kitchen but too much can give the industry the display space. If you are ok with that then you can have a lot of fun decorating with stainless steel counters, shelving, equipment and many other things.

Color contrast

Kitchen cabinets colors in farmhouse style

There are many different ways in which you can combine colors or ingredients in the kitchen to create an interesting contrast. A simple idea is to have cabinets painted in one color while the backsplash features contrasting tones.

Wooden cabinets Staines

Wooden kitchen cabinets

Nothing compares with the beauty of stained wood when it comes to furniture. If you like the look then you can use that warmth in your favor or you can make a kitchen match the rest of the house.

illuminated cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting Ideas

Kitchen cabinets have glass fronts can also feature built-in LED lights and can offer some nice ambient light at night. If you prefer, you can also use colored lights to create the wardrobe stand out.

Painted furniture

Painting kitchen cabinets ideas

Painting kitchen cabinets can be a way to change the look of the room or to refresh old decor. Consider these ideas when you decide that you need a kitchen makeover.

Glossy finish

L kitchen design

Extra glossy furniture is really trendy at one point and still could be the perfect shirt if you like the look. The best way to highlight shiny is with furniture that has a curve or who do not have the hardware.

Variations in shape and type

Contemporary L Shaped Kitchen

Just have a drawer or a shelf in the kitchen is open only rarely practical. Diversity is needed to get the design of efficient and convenient. Try to open the closet and closed the kitchen storage alternatives and also play with their designs. For example, several compartments can have a glass front while others are solid wood.

Different table heights

Shaker kitchen cabinets

As has been mentioned once before, it is more practical to have a different height table in the kitchen so you can comfortably perform the preparation and cooking process. Consider having the different heights and widths even different to the table.

Double sink

Double sink kitchen cabinets

A sink can be really useful in the kitchen, especially if you do not have a dishwasher. You can have a sink built into the table and the space underneath can be used for storage of cleaning products.

Open shelving unit

kitchen shelving units

In addition to the usual kitchen cupboard used for storage, you can cover one wall with a shelf unit. Here you can store and display things such as wine bottles, vases, planters herbs, spices, etc.

Storage island

kitchen islands storage

Kitchen islands that are very practical and not just for the kitchen open space. The island can be as small as you want and even one as it will offer some extra storage.

Shallow shelf

Open shelves kitchen ideas

This could be useful to sacrifice a bit of counter space if you want to add some shallow shelves in the backsplash. This way you get more storage space when using a small portion of the table.

The sliding door cupboard

Sliding cabinet doors

Although less common than the swinging doors, sliding door closet is a good choice when you do not have much room to spare, or when the door will drop something else.

Matching cabinets

Wall mounted kitchen

Low cabinet and wall-mounted can have a suitable design and decorating styles and how cohesive created or they can be individually different for visual contrast and viewing diversified.



Extension bar

Modern u shaped kitchen design

This is usually the kitchen island that serves as a bar or an extension bar. However, the bar can also be added to your regular kitchen table and can also serve as a dining table or breakfast area.


Low cabinet module

Low kitchen cabinets

This could be useful to also have a lower cabinet module which can be used as a sort of bench or platform in which to store and display it. In addition, there will also be storage under.


Built-in refrigerators

Built-in refrigerators

The refrigerator can be placed free-standing sections separately, in addition to kitchen cabinets or even perhaps elsewhere or may be part of the furniture, which is built-in and integrated into the special unit.




Marble accents

Marble kitchen island

A marble backsplash combined with a suitable counter will always stand out so you may want to keep the design simple and unadorned cabinets unnecessary or accessories.

Simple lines and clean

Kitchen cabinets ideas

You can not really go wrong with a simple design. Of all the kitchen cabinets ideas, this is one of the most versatile. You always can improve the design or add small details to it if you want.

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